Data Insight Consultancy

Having lots of experience working with data, we know that attention to detail is everything.

We also know that data is often complicated and can lead to all sorts of problems, whether you're using it in areas such as direct marketing, business analysis, finance or product development.

We work with companies to help them with their data needs, from small bespoke datasets to Big Data. We can assist with the automation of existing data workflows, or cleanse and validate marketing and product information.

We know that many SME businesses and marketing professionals choose to use Excel to store their data, and our solutions integrate well with Excel, so we can speak your language.

We provide support on due diligence projects with large datasets and help with data migration projects that have complex requirements moving information from products like SAGE, or migrating content to platforms like Salesforce.

We use a range of technologies to help automate your data and provide valuable insights for business intelligence.

Data can be complex with records overlapping each other.


If your job requires trying to make sense of spreadsheet data, extracting specific content via copy and paste, deleting errors or reformating inconsistencies, we have tailored solutions that can automate this, saving you valuable time and resources.

Solutions that can be repurposed when you get a new supply of core data. Consistent, robust, simple.


We can produce effective and meaningful reports, particularly with large datasets that are often difficult to analyse. We can help provide valuable insights into your information. If you've ever spent time producing complex reports, you'll appreciate that it is easy for 'false positives' to provide a distorted view.

When we produce a set of queries for a report, we consider the big picture and end up with what needs to be 'in scope' of the report and what needs to be filtered out.


Our data-cleansing tools identify common data issues for data-compliance, including:

  • Email addresses that don't have the correct structure (eg. sales@@artvik, or

  • Fields that contain incorrect characters that could indicate a potential marketing issue eg. Mr Smith (don't email)

  • Duplicate records and field values that are likely to cause embarrassment or reputational damage.

  • Mandatory fields missing vital content.

  • Incorrect pricing or problematic product data.

  • Problematic export files that third-parties have produced, undermining data integrity and credibility.

We provide simple reports that show you the health of your data and which records need to be reviewed.


Whatever software you use to process your data, it's important that it doesn't corrupt or change your core information. Our approach to data is non-destructive, so for integrity, we overlay layers of information without altering your core content.

When data moves between systems, problems can occur, particularly where data validation policies are different (eg. permitted date formats in one system might be problematic in others, like instead of dd/mm/yyyy) . We add various 'checks and balances' to ensure data integrity at every stage so you can be confident that your reports are giving you an accurate picture, particularly where a time period is critical.

We can help automate your processes and add various validation workflows to cut down on manual input errors. We also flag likely data issues so that simple anomalies do not undermine accuracy.

We can produce content for corporate reporting, or analyse company accounts to help show an accurate picture of financial health and performance.


We have experience moving and reconciling complex data between systems.

This can typically involve cleansing and reconciling information, then structuring it in a format suitable for use with a system like Salesforce.

We undertake rigorous checks along the way to ensure full data integrity, providing audit logs for compliance.

Make your data work for you. Until you've experienced valuable data insights, you may not appreciate the possibilities.