Product Photography

Product shots

Good photography is essential to successfully promote and sell your products, whether they are displayed in print or online.

Using the best possible composition and lighting setup, Artvik helps your products sell themselves. We shoot crisp, detailed and vibrant images, either on suitable backdrops or as cutouts for maximum effect.

All shots are licence-free and supplied ready for use.

Fine jewellery

To show items at their very best, an eye for detail and a creative flair are needed when photographing fine jewellery and watches.

Artvik uses specialist lenses and professional lighting to make your centrepieces shine and look their best. Our portable setup allows us to work at your premises, which is popular when shooting high-value items.

As well as individual pieces, we also photograph collections, creating eye-catching compositions that capture the essence of the range.

Project work


Couture to Go is an exclusive collection of costume jewellery sold in unique sets. Each set has been curated to wear for a different occasion or setting, from work and formal evenings to more informal weekends away.

The client was keen to present the sets in a creative way, showing the individual pieces, but also how they work together as a group. This brief gave us freedom to explore the diverse shapes, colours and textures of the individual items in each set. The result was a selection of images with creative and dynamic composition, showcasing the jewellery sets as a whole, while still retaining the integrity and individuality of each item.

Weekend Away - Alpine Break

Work - Legal Eagle

Cocktails - White Russian

Weekend Away - Urban Cool

Cocktails - Blue Lagoon


We photographed newly designed roll cages for a client's website. Our brief was to show the whole cage as well as the detail of key features.

The shoot took place at the client's premises on a white cove in their warehouse. The final images have been retouched and colour graded for consistency. Colour variations were created for individual shelves to display manufacturing options.


This sterling silver jewellery collection represents a chosen path through life – each set comprising a bangle, ring, earrings and necklace. The four sets have different finishes, representing various terrains along a path. With names including; Light the way, Off the beaten track and Trailblazer it was very important to capture the unique texture of each set of jewellery. The client wanted group as well as individual pieces photographing for their website.

As with any jewellery photography, the lighting must be right and care is taken to avoid any dust or fingerprints. The bangle stacks and jewellery set images were set up and shot as groups to ensure consistency in lighting and shadows.


Our client offers a collection of uniquely designed fabrics and wallpapers for children's rooms. The designs draw inspiration from Roald Dahl’s stories. The client wanted to show the texture of the fabric as well as the metallic qualities of print on certain products. The images needed to be shot to scale and show a true colour representation.