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Is your data working for you?

Most modern businesses rely on data, but not all data adds value. Poor quality data can impact operational performance and obscure valuable insights used to make good business decisions.

We are here to help!

Here are three areas where poor quality data can impact business:

Customer (CRM) data

Common issues

  • Out of date content

  • Incorrectly profiled and badly categorised

  • Missing key information

  • Validation rules have been circumvented with 'nonsense' data

  • Multiple databases containing duplicates

  • No link to sales or performance data

  • No engagement information

  • No data provenance (GDPR)

  • Poor security / protection

Product data

Common issues

  • Dataset contains old products

  • New products are missing

  • Duplicated products

  • Incorrectly categorised products

  • Inaccurate product description

  • Products missing key information

  • Incorrect specification and pricing

  • Lacking time context (sale and cost £ over time)

  • No linked purchase incentive campaign

Financial data

Common issues

  • Records are incomplete

  • Poorly structured and difficult to identify key metrics

  • Cost centres not set up correctly

  • Payments are incorrectly profiled

  • Mixed data columns (words and numbers) - difficult to analyse and gain meaningful insights

  • Unsubstantiated summary figures

  • No error alerting

  • Inconsistencies not excluded from reports

We work with businesses of all sizes to eliminate common issues. We cleanse, validate, transform, automate, visualise and reconcile data, providing valuable insights to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

What we do

Provide cost-saving and efficiency through:

  • Better data management

  • Automated workflows

  • Visualisation dashboards & Analytics

  • Robust file/data migration projects

Having spent many years working for design, technology and business professionals, we have extensive commercial experience helping non-technical people get the most from their data.

Benefits to you

Better quality and more reliable data.

Efficiency through consolidated datasets.

Valuable insights for better decision-making.

Robust data security and access policies.

Consultancy services on demand, saving time and money.

Transferable data skills will help future-proof your business and benefit you in all areas of life.

Ongoing support

Regular functionality updates and upgrades.

Ongoing assistance through monthly support and ad-hoc training, tailored to your requirements.

No jargon, we speak your language.

To see how we can help you with your data, let us provide you with a FREE DATA HEALTH-CHECK. We'll review your data and give you some free insights. No catch. Contact us here.

Make your data work for you. Transform your business with automation and valuable insights.