Specialist Jewellery Photography 

Photography that makes your jewellery look amazing!  

Jewellery design and craftsmanship is a true art form, captured through our detailed, elegant and eye-catching photography. Exploring diverse shapes, colours and textures we produce stunning images with creative and artistic compositions.

Using a portable studio, we work at your premises so there is no hassle with hiring a studio, or extra insurance costs sending your jewellery away. 

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Compelling Product and Service Videos

We produce videos that help promote your business and showcase the best of what you do. 

Mainly set to music, our short videos allow your customers to see your products and services in a professional and engaging way. 

As well as full HD quality, our videos are also sized and optimised for use in social media. Please see the recent example above, and at the very bottom of the page.

For best quality, please select 1080p in the playback setting.

With our high-quality images and videos, you can truly make your jewellery collection shine – online and in marketing materials.

Model shots – Jewellery is photographed on-site and retouched into high quality stock images of models.

Artistic photos Creative shots of jewellery on sets using props, textures, colour, light and shadow.

Showroom / Service  Photography  Professional photographs showcasing your premises and services.

Video Impactful and engaging videos that speak to your customers, showcasing the quality and workmanship of the services you offer.

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