Case studies

Here is a selection of case studies to show some of what we can do.

Click here to see our featured case study #7, an automation workflow to convert print-based image files to web-optimised images for use in an online product catalogue and eCommerce store.


We have extensive experience producing effective and meaningful reports. Whatever your level, we can tailor a solution to meet your requirements.

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Moving data from a legacy system into Salesforce

One of the UK’s top independent boarding schools needed to move alumni and fund-raising data from an old legacy system into Salesforce.

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For a potential business sale

The company ran two different financial systems; a legacy product used to produce quotations & sales orders, and SAGE accounting software for billing and financial reporting.

The legacy product had much more granular information with descriptions of products and services sold, as well as the respective ‘bought-in’ cost, which was very useful for calculating Gross Profit. However, the legacy data wasn’t attributed to any specific cost centre, so it was difficult to know exactly what the recurring sales figures were on an annual basis.

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With the introduction of GDPR and data-compliance regulations, we can help streamline different sources of customer data to ensure that it is accurate and up to date across the business.

This is particularly useful where companies store the same customer data in multiple areas like sales order systems, invoicing, email marketing or even prospect databases held by various regional sales staff.

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Searching for content within files

This small project demonstrates how initial preparation and planning can save a lot of manual hours work and reduce errors from human input.

For governance, a user needed to find all product brochures, from a particular period, that contained a specific keyword. Locating the PDF files manually and searching each one would have taken days of work. We automated the process and produced a report within a few hours.

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Global tool for ad-hoc shipping

Development and project management of a technical global shipping solution for one of the world’s largest couriers to help them target ad-hoc customers, who were not regular professional shippers with an account.

The project required an algorithm to be built and hosted that could produce instant shipping quotes, before interfacing with the courier once quotes progressed to orders.

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Searching semi-structured data

For the project, it was necessary to find all product images used in a printed catalogue by interrogating the Adobe InDesign artwork package report, so that a list of files (and their location) could be given to the web development team to produce an online catalogue.

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Smart allocation of payments

On a monthly basis, and ahead of a new ERP system, the client’s finance team needed to speed up the allocation of all bank statement items to various cost centres. This was done by a simple auto-allocation algorithm, saving time and reducing manual errors.

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Development of rapid 'data bridge'

A data workflow was developed to interface between product data managed by the client and a large structure export file needed for the web store.

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BigQuery SQL Experience

We are proficient with SQL in Google BigQuery, using a range of functions/parameters.

> See our SQL examples sheet.

“We couldn’t have achieved what we have in the last few months without your ongoing support and expertise, we are all extremely grateful for your time, energy, and commitment to this project. It has put into perspective what is required to run a data migration project in an efficient and professional manner and I’ve no doubt we will be grateful for your contribution for many years ahead!”

Chief Development & Commercial Officer,
Foundation Charity

“They were extremely thorough and analytical throughout the process. We were able to get complete financial transparency to prove the health of the business and demonstrate our future growth potential.”

Managing Director, IT Managed Services

“We needed a simple tool to automate, consolidate and error-correct the manual input of volume raw data into a summary monthly KPI report. Artvik took the time to understand our needs carefully and thoroughly, so that what was delivered exceeded our expectations, was delivered quickly and is still in use today. Great service.”

Director - Strategic Finance

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