Product Photography

Good quality photography is essential in promoting and selling your products.

With over 20 years experience in photographing everything from fine jewellery to commercial kitchen sinks, we know how to show your products at their very best. We shoot crisp, detailed and vibrant images, perfect for use online and in print. 

For your convenience, we can come to you - our portable studio allows us to work at your premises.


Our client offers a collection of uniquely designed fabrics and wallpapers for children's rooms. The designs draw inspiration from Roald Dahl’s stories. The client wanted to show the texture of the fabric as well as the metallic qualities of print on certain products. The images needed to be shot to scale and show a true colour representation.


We photographed newly designed roll cages for a client's website. Our brief was to show the whole cage as well as the detail of key features

The shoot took place at the client's premises on a white cove in their warehouse. The final images have been retouched and colour graded for consistency. Colour variations were created for individual shelves to display manufacturing options.