We specialise in high-end retouching and image manipulation. With our achitectural backgrounds, we understand perspective, colour, texture, light and reflections, and how materials look in different settings. 

Of course, not all images need detailed retouching. We also 'cut out' products and place them on a solid colour background, colour balance, retouch to get rid of any imperfections... what ever you need, we are here to help. 

A picture never lies

Well, at least it never used to.

Good retouching is about convincing your audience. Great retouching is when they don't even suspect the image has been altered.

We do a lot of commercial retouching. 

With over 100 floor images for leading wooden floor manufacturers, the images opposite showcase the seamless blending of studio-shot flooring into low-cost stock photography.

We also regularly combine images and add/remove elements to reflect product updates.

Product retouching

A client received these images from a manufacturer. They wanted the taps removing to utelise the images in their marketing material. 

We have a lot of experience retouching reflective materials such as chrome and stainless steel.

Colour options

We can also add create colour options for a product, based on a single image.