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Automated workflows, Data Analytics and managed Migration Projects

Is your data working for you?

Most modern businesses rely on data, but not all data adds value. Poor quality data can impact operational performance and obscure valuable insights used to make good business decisions.

We are here to help!

Here are three areas where poor quality data can impact business:

Customer (CRM) data

Common issues

  • Out of date content

  • Incorrectly profiled and badly categorised

  • Missing key information

  • Validation rules have been circumvented with 'nonsense' data

  • Multiple databases containing duplicates

  • No link to sales or performance data

  • No engagement information

  • No data provenance (GDPR)

  • Poor security / protection

Product data

Common issues

  • Dataset contains old products

  • New products are missing

  • Duplicated products

  • Incorrectly categorised products

  • Inaccurate product description

  • Products missing key information

  • Incorrect specification and pricing

  • Lacking time context (sale and cost £ over time)

  • No linked purchase incentive campaign

Financial data

Common issues

  • Records are incomplete

  • Poorly structured and difficult to identify key metrics

  • Cost centres not set up correctly

  • Payments are incorrectly profiled

  • Mixed data columns (words and numbers) - difficult to analyse and gain meaningful insights

  • Unsubstantiated summary figures

  • No error alerting

  • Inconsistencies not excluded from reports

We work with businesses of all sizes to eliminate common issues. We cleanse, validate, transform, automate, visualise and reconcile data, providing valuable insights to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

What we do

Provide cost-saving and efficiency through:

  • Better data management

  • Automated workflows

  • Visualisation dashboards & Analytics

  • Robust file/data migration projects

Having spent many years working for design, technology and business professionals, we have extensive commercial experience helping non-technical people get the most from their data.

Benefits to you

Better quality and more reliable data.

Efficiency through consolidated datasets.

Valuable insights for better decision-making.

Robust data security and access policies.

Consultancy services on demand, saving time and money.

Transferable data skills will help future-proof your business and benefit you in all areas of life.

Ongoing support

Regular functionality updates and upgrades.

Ongoing assistance through monthly support and ad-hoc training, tailored to your requirements.

No jargon, we speak your language.

Making your data work for you
We know that managing data can be a real headache. Often complex and spread across different systems, it can be difficult to see the big picture and get the most from your data.

With 20+ years of commercial experience, we can improve your systems and workflows, saving valuable time and freeing up resources.

Data can be complex with records overlapping each other.

Whether your data is in a proprietary system or a set of spreadsheets, we can work with a standard export file.

Our data transformation is done in the cloud, giving you access to live results. Reports and visualisations can be provided in a number of flexible formats.

Our projects include:

  • GDPR data cleansing

  • Sales analysis

  • Due diligence projects (for M&A)

  • Data migration from legacy products like SAGE

  • Data transformation to platforms like Salesforce

  • Reconciliation between multiple systems / sources


We have the right analytical skills to help you get the most from your data. We can produce effective and meaningful insights and reports through simple dashboards.

If you've spent time producing complex reports, you'll know that it is easy for 'false positives' to creep in and provide a distorted view. When producing a set of bespoke queries for a report, we always consider the big picture and determine what's 'in scope' and what needs to be filtered out.

We can produce content for corporate reporting, or analyse company accounts to help show an accurate picture of financial health and performance.


Effective database management can assist in the support and smooth running of business systems, particularly large staff databases used to access services.

Our everyday data-cleansing tools identify common issues for data compliance, including:

  • Incorrectly provisioned accounts.

  • Email addresses that don't have the correct structure.

  • Fields that contain incorrect characters that could indicate a potential marketing issue.

  • Duplicate records and field values that are likely to cause embarrassment or reputational damage.

  • Mandatory fields missing vital content.

  • Incorrect pricing or problematic and incomplete product data.

  • Problematic export files from third parties, undermining data integrity and credibility.

We provide simple reports that show you the health of your data and which records need attention.


When processing data, it's important not to alter or overwrite key information. Our approach to data is non-destructive, so for integrity, we overlay layers of information without altering your core content.

When data is merged or moved between systems, problems can occur, particularly where validation rules are different. From initial gap analysis, we add various 'checks and balances' along the way to ensure data integrity at every stage, so you can be confident that your reports are giving you an accurate picture, particularly when time is critical.

We can help automate your processes and add various validation workflows to cut down on manual input errors. We also flag likely data issues so that anomalies are picked up before they cause problems.


We have experience extracting, transforming and loading data between systems, ensuring integrity throughout the process.

As well as data records, we also know how to best migrate and reconcile millions of files between servers and cloud accounts, particularly Google Workspace.

Backed by data analytics, we rigorously profile both source and destination drives so that a detailed gap analysis can ensure that all migration projects are executed correctly.

To see how we can help you with your data, let us provide you with a FREE DATA HEALTH-CHECK. We'll review your data and give you some free insights. No catch. Contact us here.

Make your data work for you. Transform your business with automation and valuable insights.